Contracts & Fees - What do I have to pay and when?

Below you will find the latest contracts in PDF format, as well as the charges you may be liable for in respect of your tenancy, are listed below together with the time when those charges are due for payment. All charges are quoted in £ per person.

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Fees and Charges (for download, the same info as below)

Fees And Charges (same info as download above):

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When you take up the tenancy:

£30.00 (incl VAT) reservation fee -

This is due once your group have viewed one of our houses and wish to take a tenancy for the next academic year. It is payable by all members of your group and it forms part of the £250.00 non-refundable letting fee. The reservation fee will hold the property for a maximum of 5 working days from payment, during which time you would be expected to sign the contract at our offices.

£250.00 (incl VAT) non-refundable letting fee -

Having paid the reservation fee, the balance of the non-refundable letting fee is due when you sign contracts. The balance due is £220.00. This is non-refundable and secures the property as well as covering the following (this list is not exhaustive): -

  • House viewings
  • Production of all tenancy paperwork
  • Statutory Government Right to Rent Checks
  • Tenancy contract signing meeting
  • Correspondence with your guarantor
  • Setting up of Direct Debit instructions for rent payments
  • Setting up of utility accounts for gas, electric, water and sewerage
  • Correspondence with the local authority over Council Tax
  • Production of Condition & Inventory Report
  • Welcome meeting at the house for the first person to move in
  • House meeting with all tenants for advice and guidance
  • Garden maintenance throughout the tenancy
  • A personal contents insurance policy
  • Check-out inspection
  • Administration of the tenancy throughout its term

£100.00 (incl VAT) deposit -

Whilst most of our properties do not require deposits, we do have a few properties in both Canterbury and Medway for which a deposit is required. This is payable at the time of signing the contract and it is lodged with the Deposit Protection Service (government approved). You will be given full details of the scheme at the contract signing.

Re-signing contracts for another year:

If your group decide to stay on with us for a second or even third year, you will be liable for a non-refundable letting fee, however, this fee is substantially reduced: -

£125.00 (incl VAT):

If staying on at the same house.

£175.00 (incl VAT):

If staying on with us but moving to a different house.

Other Charges and Fees during your tenancy:

£100.00 (incl VAT) change of tenant fee -

If one of your group can no longer take up their place on the tenancy, they would be responsible for finding their replacement and they would be liable to pay this charge to raise new paperwork for the tenancy or sub-lease.

£40.00 (incl VAT) compulsory end of tenancy cleaning contribution charge -

This is added to your May rent instalment and goes towards the end of tenancy cleaning of the property by professional cleaners. This is a contribution however, so if the cost of cleaning is excessive for the property, you could incur the balance of the cost of cleaning after your contribution.

£25.00 (incl VAT) re-inspection fee -

If following an inspection your landlord feels there are issues with the property condition/standard of cleaning, he will ask us to re-visit again, and if further re-visits are required, you will incur this charge per visit.

£10.00 (incl VAT) failed Direct Debit/Cheque payment charge -

This is an additional charge added to any outstanding rent payment where the Direct Debit and or cheque has returned unpaid.

£10.00 (incl VAT) late fees -

This is an additional charge for every call, text, letter and email that is sent/made to chase late, overdue and unpaid rent. Maximum 1 charge in 7 days

£5.00 (incl VAT) payment charge -

This is an additional charge incurred where the rent etc is not paid by Direct Debit

Other Charges you may incur during your tenancy:

One-off Professional cleaning -

if after an inspection your landlord is not happy with the standard of cleanliness, and you subsequently fail to address the issue satisfactorily, we reserve the right to instruct professional cleaners to carry out a one-off clean to bring it up to the required standard. You would incur the full cost of this.

Out of Hours Services -

Whilst most maintenance/call outs are covered under your tenancy for repairs etc, call outs can happen for things like lost keys and getting locked out, or faults caused by you or your appliances. If this happens out of hours you will be charged £50.00 per hour (inc VAT), plus any further costs incurred, e.g. replacement keys.

(Office opening hours are Mon – Fri, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, out of office hours are any times outside office opening hours.)

Damages -

You will be liable for the costs to cover any damages to the property and its contents caused by you and any visitors throughout the tenancy.

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