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Hello and welcome to Student Lets Canterbury ( a website owned and run by E. H. Group. You can use the simple search form below to find the ideal student house for you and your friends:

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"The company provided us with a fantastic property to live in last year, the house was handed over to us in an immaculate state and tastefully decorated. The landlords were fantastic, we had next to no problems, and the small ones that did occur were dealt with very quickly and professionally."


"I stayed in a well-furnished, cosy house in a decent neighbourhood. The landlord was always easy to contact and quick to take care of any minor problems that arose. Perfect student house."


"I would greatly recommend renting a property from Stephen Dean and the others. Apart from my house being very well located for the University of Kent (<10 mins walk) it was superbly kept and in very good condition."

E. H. Group Help You Find The Best Student Houses In Canterbury

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So to give you a better idea of where E. H. Group sits in the scheme of things regarding student lettings companies in Canterbury.

We could tell you about the number of years we've been helping student get their ideal houses.

We could go on about how many students have stayed in our accommodation and that E. H. Group is run by the same people who run Student Places.

We could do that, but we prefer to let you know that it's all about you and finding your ideal student place. After all, you only have to see our testimonials to see that we've done our job in the past and will continue to serve you and other folk in your position in the future.

You want to find a good quality house that suits you and friends for a reasonable amount of rent.

We've got a wide range of houses available with a varying number of rooms in each house. So we have 3 bedroom houses up to 8 bedroom houses and it doesn't matter if you're an individual looking for a nicely priced room for your studies; we've got an ideal room in an ideal with the ideal fellow tenants.

All of our student lets are within a good distance to either one or both of the main university campuses.

So have a look at our selection and if you need to know anything just give us a call on 01634 757550 or use our contact form here.

(Potential) Tenant Questions

What is a student house like, what's included and what can I expect from it?

A student house is really the ultimate way to live in your uni area for the duration of your study, whether that's two, three or more years. I say the 'ultimate' - it is for the majority of us who aren't in the one percenters club. The reason I say that it's basically the best way is because of all the advantages over other arrangements. A student house is:

  • Homely
  • Quiet (mostly)
  • A place to take charge of your own life
  • Chat openly with your friends
  • Eat when you want to
  • Watch the TV programs you want to
  • Keep your room the way you want to (within reason :))
  • other words, your student house is as close to home as you can get!

You wanted to know what's included:

  • Lounge suite/chairs
  • Television (21″ min)
  • Dining table & chairs
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Washing machine/dryer or tumble dryer
  • Microwave
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Ironing board
  • Bed, mattress and mattress cover
  • Study desk
  • Study chair
  • Wardrobe – fitted or free-standing
  • Bookcase or bookshelves
  • and many of our houses have gardens too!

You can expect a home for the rest of your time at university, with landlords who care and will help you with technical and other issues which may occur.

When should I look for, sort out and book a tenancy in student accommodation?

You should start looking for a place as soon as you can. When we release our list of available properties every November, you get to see a big, juicy list of properties just waiting for you and others to choose from. So if you get looking straight away, you've got a better chance of landing a tenancy in the most ideal house for you (and friends if house-hunting in a group).

What Canterbury area student places do you have available now?

To see a list of the places we have available at this moment in time, please click here.

What is purpose built and private student housing and which form of accommodation is better?

Purpose built student housing is normally commissioned by local councils and/or the universities themselves and is many rooms or apartments/flats built in a large building within a reasonable distance from campus. At Student Lets Canterbury we provide private student houses which have many advantages over purpose-built housing:

  • You can share your house with your friends from the start: Right from your first year of university or college, you can share a private house, whereas, if you stay in halls of residence, you will be separate from your besties. You would have to wait until your second year to share.
  • Property developed specifically for students has the feel of a school dormitory, a house doesn't have that feeling as there will always only be a few other people sharing your space.
  • A house is quieter, which is exactly what you need for all of that lovely study.
  • If you like a big communal area that you must share with lots of other students, then you'll love staying a bigger complex. But most people like the homely feel that a house offers and the fact is that the living room with that large television screen is there for you and your fellow tenants only. There's also the freedom to leave your phone, tablet, whatever you wish in the living room or kitchen, without worrying about them getting into the wrong hands.
  • Your house is located in a real community, with real neighbours and is basically real life. You will feel removed from the community at large if you stay in purpose-built accommodation.
  • Those white goods like the washing machine, dishwasher and so on are just for you and you only - not lots of people sharing the same equipment.
  • Additionally, in a private residence, you get to decide when you do your washing and set your own routine.
  • A tenancy in any house belonging to private landlords will normally afford somewhere to park your car, often you get a small drive to park in or on the road of the housing estate and it won't cost you anything extra.'ll cost you a fair amount of money to park in a student complex.

If you're really into your history you can find out more about the history of students digs here.

Where should I look for and find student lets for University Of Kent and Christ Church College Canterbury?

Well, you're in the right place - all of our student properties cater to both of these universities, naturally, some are closer to one or the other. You can peruse (nice word) a list of houses here.

Where is the best property for students to rent?

Canterbury is a lovely city with a lot of history and the quality of all the student properties there is good. So the best properties are perhaps those that are closest to campus or those a bit further away, but with a lower rent - there are many variables so here's a list of the roads and housing estates that are popular with student landlords and their tenants:

  • Albert Road
  • Bramshaw Road
  • Brockenhurst Close
  • Clement Close
  • Downs Road
  • East Street
  • Edward Road
  • Hawe Close
  • Hollow Lane
  • Hudson Road
  • Jessica Mews
  • King Street
  • Knight Avenue
  • Lanfranc Gardens
  • Mary Green Walk
  • Nursery Walk
  • Orchard Street
  • Plumpton Walk
  • Rhodaus Close
  • Roper Road
  • Shipman Avenue
  • St Dunstans Close
  • St Mildreds Place
  • St Peters Place
  • Sundridge Close
  • Tenterden Drive
  • The Friars
  • Ulcombe Gardens
  • Uplands
  • Wincheap
  • Knowlton Walk
  • Querns Place
  • Cedar View
  • Somner Close
  • Franklyn Road
  • Nursery Walk
  • Mead Way
  • Ringwood Close
  • Broadoak Road
  • Westerham Close
  • Otham Close
  • Beverly Road
  • St Michaels Place
  • Montfort Close
  • Brabourne Close
  • Long Meadow Way
  • St Michaels Road
  • Salisbury Road
  • Rushmead Close
  • St Martins Road
  • Cossington Road
  • College Road
  • Payton Mews
  • Martyrs Field Road
  • Clifton Gardens
  • Mandeville Road
  • Beaconsfield Road

Is it better to use an agency to locate lettings or rent directly from landlords?

Straight off the bat - we're going to be biased. We are landlords ourselves and while we manage other landlords' properties as well, we are the guys you will be renting from directly as opposed to the way an agency works. There are many different reasons why it's better to rent from a private landlord, here are 3 for you:

  • Direct communication with the landlord to deal with any problems
  • Cheaper rent, because there's no middle-man taking a commission
  • You can move into the house more quickly because there's less paperwork and 'hurdles' involved